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If you wonder what it is like to come to a Cookery Course at La Cuisine Imaginaire,  then you will be delighted to read Clare Rudd’s review below. Clare attended one of our taster courses recently and the comprehensive report on her blog gives you a real taste of what it is like. Beware though, reading Clare’s blog gets your appetite going!!!

I really enjoyed my visit to La Cuisine Imaginaire. It was wonderful to watch Roselyne cooking and wonderful to meet some new people and share delicious food.

Clare Rudd, The Vegetarian Experience

I loved the evening. I've tried both dishes since then; the strudel was nice. The tofu kebabs were fantastic, really delicious, although far more complex than I would normally cook. I also chop peppers in a totally different way now!

Catherine Ross, St Albans

I really enjoyed your evening, the food was great and your presentation very engaging.

Nicky Halloran, St Albans

Roselyne's courses have changed my life, and it was worth every penny.

Vaughan Ryall

My three boys, aged 10, 11 and 12, did the half-term cookery course and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Roselyne provided a course that was both fun, educational and kept their attention throughout. They learnt how to chop difficult veggies, like the onion, use filo pastry, bake, ice the carrot cake they made and much more... and they tasted the food along the way and brought it home for all of us to enjoy. Excellent chef, good value and the boys can't wait to book again!

Sandra Morini

At La Cuisine Imaginaire we are always keen to promote our Vegetarian Cookery Courses to new groups of people. If you are part of an active group, at work, at the gym, or in your other leisure activities, do get in touch to discuss how we could organise an event for your members. 

Here is a review of an evening organised by St Albans Ladies' Circle at one of their members' home. As it was in January, the theme was "Warming Vegetarian dishes suitable for the family".