2014 (c) Autumn Courses

All vegetarian courses listed below are Day Courses (10 am – 3 pm).

Dairy-Free Cookery     (Saturday, 11th October 2014)

Learn how to cook dairy-free meals and open up a whole variety of healthy options to you!

Dairy-Free Cookery

Let’s Cook Italian Breads & Pizzas!    (Sunday, 19th October 2014)

There is nothing more comforting than cooking your own bread and nothing more delicious than cooking home-made Italian breads and pizzas!

Let’s Cook Italian Breads & Pizzas!

Warming Indian Dishes    (Sunday, 23rd November 2014)

If you have always wanted to cook your own complete Indian vegetarian meal with plenty of side dishes and chutneys, this is the chance to do so and taste the wonderful results!

Warming Indian Dishes

Christmas Cookery    (Sunday, 7th December 2014)

The festive season is a time when we like to try new recipes that are foolproof!

Christmas Cookery