2014 (a) Spring Courses

All vegetarian courses listed on this page are Day Courses (typically 10.00 am – 4.30 pm).


Warming Indian Dishes!     (Sunday, 2nd March 2014)     [Past course]

If you have always wanted to cook your own complete Indian vegetarian meal with plenty of side dishes and chutneys, this is the chance to do so and taste the wonderful results!

Warming Indian Dishes

Let’s Cook Italian!    (Sunday, 30th March 2014)     [Past course]

Most of us like the idea of cooking with plenty of fresh herbs, garlic and colourful vegetables; well, Italian Veg Cooking does just that!

Let's Cook Italian!

Middle-Eastern Flavours    (Sunday, 27th April 2014)     [Past course]

Come and discover the flavours of home-cooked Tabboulleh, Felafels and other typical Middle-Eastern vegetarian dishes and you will be amazed!

Middle-Eastern Flavours

'Travel-Cook' Around The World    (Saturday, 10th May 2014)     [Past course]

Come and have a gastronomic tour of the world with all its glorious vegetarian flavours, in just one day.

'Travel Cook' Around The World

Light Snacks, Picnics & Great Summer Buffet Ideas!   (Sunday, 8th June) [Past course]

Come and familiarise yourself with new ingredients and recipes for the Summer and make the most tasty, fragrant and yet popular dishes! 

Light Snacks, Picnics & Great Summer Buffet Ideas!

A Great Veggie Dinner Party!    (Sunday, 22nd June 2014)     [Past course]

We all love the idea of having our friends round for a meal and we want to impress them at the same time! 

Light Snacks, Picnics & Great Summer Buffet Ideas!

Dairy-Free Cookery    (Saturday, 5th July 2014)     [Past course]

Learn how to cook dairy-free meals and open up a whole variety of healthy options to you! 

Light Snacks, Picnics & Great Summer Buffet Ideas!