2012 (d) Autumn Specials

A Great Vegetarian Dinner Party!     [Past course]

Special evening session as part of the 2012 St Albans Food and Drink Festival. 

Come and attend a friendly cookery demonstration by BBC author Roselyne Masselin at La Cuisine Imaginaire. Watch and taste!

Thursday, 4th October – A Great Vegetarian Dinner Party!

Half-term Holiday Children’s Courses   [Past course]

Do you have a child who is interested in cooking and wishes they could greatly improve their skills in a short space of time? 

Thursday & Friday, 1st & 2nd November – Half-term 

Superfoods for Superhealth! Evening Course 

A good look at the wide choice of superfoods and at how you can introduce them easily into your menus to improve your energy and wellbeing.

Friday 18th January & Friday 1st February – Superfoods for Superhealth! Evening Course