After a break to raise her children, Roselyne Masselin has re‑launched
La Cuisine Imaginaire Vegetarian Cookery School with an inspirational programme of new courses.

For example, we are offering ‘Me, My knife and My chopping Board’; on this course we will discuss choosing a knife and a chopping board, practise sharpening knives and chopping techniques. We will also make a selection of delicious recipes.
Whether you want to try new recipes, are interested in a healthier or a greener way of cooking or would like to offer a course as a present, have a look at the variety of courses that we have on offer.
You cannot imagine what you might learn at La Cuisine Imaginaire! From International Vegetarian Cookery to Dinner Party Cooking, Dairy-Free Cookery or Superfoods for Super-Health, Learning to Chop Professionally or Vegetarian Christmas Alternatives, you will gain access to Roselyne’s wealth of experience and taste Vegetarian Cuisine at its best. 

Why not treat yourself to a day with us? You will be made to feel welcome and will go home full of useful information, tips and a printed recipe pack.